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9% OFF Generic Hi-Tech Ceramic Cartridge Water Purifier

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  • SWS Instant Water Purifier is your answer to clean and hygienic water for your individual and family members.

    Home use Tap Water Filter /Purifier Features includes but not limited to :

    - Filtering water parasites, suspended sediment and other pollutants etc
    - Effectively remove the bacteria, algae, the solubility of chlorine and harmful heavy metals(lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.) of the water.
    - Supply the healthy, clean and hygienic water.
    - Filter can be repeatedly cleaned and easy to replace.
    - Filtered water and unfiltered water easily switched This water purifier machine /Filter Removes water contaminants that are mostly in underground water or the through the public water systems such as Rusts; Contaminants; Worms; Residual chlorine; Algae; Disinfection by-products; Parasites; Heavy metal ions; Dirt; Organic pollutants; Dusts; Unpleasant tastes Giardia; Cryptosporidium.

    Kindly note that though it is very easy to fix but if you are not familiar with fixing plumbing items, please contact a qualified plumber to fix it for you.
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