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6% OFF Lontor Rechargeable Standing Fan + 20W Solar Panel | 16in | White

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  • The Lontor 16 rechargeable fan with REMOTE CONTROL has dual functionality;‎ it operates with electricity while charging itself at the same time.‎ So when power goes off,‎ it won\'t stop working,‎ it switches to battery mode and continues working for several hours.‎ You are assured of fresh air all day long.‎ It is very reliable and efficient.‎

    The Lontor rechargeable fan was made with your comfort in mind.‎ We live in a very hot climate with epileptic power supply,‎ so it became a necessity to have an innovative that product will provide us with fresh air round the clock for our comfort in such a harsh weather condition.‎ It can be used indoor and outdoor as the occasion requires.‎
    It is made of durable materials,‎ this will ensure that it last long and you get value for your money.‎The included 20W Solar panel can directly power the fan and at the same time charge the battery.

    SOLAR CHARGING TAKES ABOUT 9 to 12 hours to charge the battery full, so you are rest assured of continuous fanning during day and night

    With its 12v 4.8Ah rechargeable battery you are assured of up to 7-8 hours of comfort when fully charged.

    Added to this package is the solar panel, which makes it possible to power the the fan with solar energy. This leaves you with additional alternative to power supply. In an environment without the regular electricity.

    - Designed for the tropic area
    - Possesses in-built auto spray technology
    - Possesses in-built water tank
    - Possesses in-built rechargeable battery
    - Provides comfort and ambient as an air-conditioner
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