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11% OFF Rexel Mercury RSX1632 Shredder - 2102411 | Black

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  • Ideal for the small office with up to 10 people, this advanced Mercury shredder provides sufficient security to shred confidential documents into little confetti cut pieces. It features jam-free technology with continuous sensing, takes 16 sheets at a time and can fit up to 300 shredded sheets in its compact 32 litre sized bin, in handy recyclable bags.

    - 16 Sheet Cross-cut shredder for secure disposal of confidential information, Shreds an A4 sheet into approx. 200 4x45mm pieces (P-3), For small office use
    - Suitable for up to A4 size paper, Shreds paper, CDs, credit cards, staples and paper clips
    - Jam Free sensor technology: The paper entry feeder has a sensor which ensures you will never jam the shredder by feeding too much paper in one go, A unique light indicator next to the paper feed shows a red light to indicate too much paper and a green light to show you there is no risk of jamming.
    - Easily removable 32L bin, 10 min. continuous run time followed by 30 min. cool-down time
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